Couples may benefit from therapy to address intimacy and sexual concerns involving communication problems, sexual dissatisfaction and dysfunctions, erotic integration and recovery from OCSB.  Services provided for same and opposite sex couples.

General Therapy for Couples

  • Are you arguing more than connecting?
  • Feeling hopeless about the future of the relationship?
  • Distressed about how angry, resentful and overwhelmed you feel?
  • Has a sexual affair damaged your relationship and trust in your partner or spouse?

Couple counseling provides a safe, informed and respectful space to address patterns that undermine your relationship satisfaction. Here are some common concerns with which counseling can help:

  • Changing destructive communication patterns
  • Resolving or managing values conflicts involving sex, parenting and finances
  • Improving intimacy and sexual satisfaction
  • Adjusting to major life changes
  • Healing after a sexual betrayal

If you are ready to change how you relate to your partner or spouse, it may be time to seek professional help.

Sex Therapy for Couples

  • Dissatisfied by the sexual frequency or pleasure in your relationship?
  • Struggling to talk with your partner about what you find arousing?
  • Having difficulties sustaining the sexual chemistry in your relationship?
  • Adjusting to a sexual dysfunction?

Sex therapy provides a safe, informed and respectful space to address a subject that frequently evokes fear, shame, and negative judgments. Here are some common concerns with which sex therapy can help:

  • Rekindling passion in long-term relationships
  • Integrating unconventional sexual desires into an intimate relationship
  • Improving overall sexual satisfaction and pleasure
  • Improving sexual satisfaction and pleasure when one or both partners experience sexual dysfunction
  • Improving sexual communications and needs assertion

If you are ready to change the sexual satisfaction of your relationship, it may be time to see a sex therapist.