Individual Therapy

Outpatient psychotherapy provides you with a safe, informed and confidential space to help you achieve your mental health and relationship goals.

You may benefit from therapy if you are concerned about any of the following issues:
•    Depression and Anxiety
•    Relationship Problems
•    Sexual Health & Satisfaction
•    Grief & Loss
•    Work & Career issues
•    Stress Management
•    Addiction & Recovery
•    Conflict Resolution

Sex Therapy for men

•    Dissatisfied by the sexual frequency or pleasure in your life and relationships?
•    Difficulties sexually connecting with people you desire?
•    Dissatisfied with your ability to maintain or achieve an erection?
•    Struggling to talk with your partner about what you find arousing?
•    Having difficulties sustaining the sexual chemistry in your relationship?

If your sexual functioning or pleasure distresses you, it may be time to see a sex therapist.  

Sex therapy provides a safe, informed and respectful space to address a subject that frequently evokes fear, shame, and negative judgments.  Here are some common concerns with which sex therapy can help:

•    Addressing psychological issues interfering with sexual functioning
•    Improving sexual communication and needs assertion.
•    Integrating unconventional sexual desires into an intimate relationship.
•    Improving overall sexual satisfaction and pleasure.
•    Improving sexual satisfaction and pleasure when you are living with a sexual disorder.

Services provided for heterosexual, gay and bisexual men.

Individual therapy for the gay and bisexual men

Interested in finding a gay-affirming therapist?

Concerned about any of the following issues?

•    Intimate relationship or sexual problems.
•    Problematic relationship with drugs and alcohol.
•    Accepting who you are or what brings you happiness.
•    Symptoms of depression or anxiety.
•    Adjusting to living with HIV/AIDS.

Whether you’re seeking therapy because you are actively questioning your sexual identity or requesting treatment to address other factors interfering with your relationships and mental health, you may benefit from treatment with a therapist who understands the experience of gay and bisexual men.