A collaborative process designed to clarify your sexual health concerns and determine if specialized treatment for out of control sexual behavior is indicated.  Services provided for heterosexual, gay and bisexual men.

Sexual Health Therapy for Men

Do you struggle with controlling your sexual behavior?

Have you experienced any of the following consequences due to your sexual behavior?

  • Severe relationship problems
  • Divorce or separation
  • Financial difficulties
  • HIV or other sexually transmitted infections
  • Unintended pregnancy
  • Relapse in drug and alcohol recovery
  • Diminished creativity or work productivity
  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Overwhelming fear, shame, despair or guilt

The phrase "out of control sexual behavior" (OCSB) is used to describe the sexual health problem in which one's consensual sexual urges, thoughts or behavior feel out of control.  This experience often results in significant distress for countless men.  Fortunately, men who struggle to control their sexual behaviors can and do get well. If you are interested in improving your sexual health, you may benefit from the following specialized services for heterosexual, gay and bisexual men:

  • Sexual health assessment
  • Outpatient group and individual psychotherapy

Sexual Health Assessment


The assessment is designed to clarify sexual behavior concerns and determine if treatment for out of control sexual behavior is recommended.

The assessment objective: to understand one's unique clinical picture. Research suggests that a variety of factors contribute to problematic and out of control sexual behavior. However, discussing sexual matters is fraught with risk.  People feel tremendous shame and regret when discussing their sexual problems and risk condemnation by others. Therefore, the sexual health assessment is a comprehensive process to examine all the factors that can contribute to sexual problems in a safe, informed and respectful space.


The assessment consists of a clinical interview and standardized measures. If you are currently in treatment with other providers (e.g. psychiatrist, individual or couple psychotherapist), Mr. Vigorito will request permission to speak with them to gather additional information.


At the end of the assessment, Mr. Vigorito reviews your unique clinical picture and discuss treatment recommendations. Mr. Vigorito also collaborates with you to create a sexual health plan based on your vision of sexual health. Clients in a romantic relationship have an opportunity to bring their partner or spouse to a conjoint session to review the assessment recommendations and provide information to help integrate sexual health into their relationship.

Sexual Health Group Therapy

Out of control sexual behavior treatment is a comprehensive therapeutic approach to help men regain sexual behavior control, strengthen relationships and achieve their visions of sexual health.

Sexual Health Group Therapy, a weekly outpatient group for men, is an effective treatment intervention to regain sexual control and maintain sexual health. Anyone interested in this group must complete a sexual health assessment, create a sexual health plan and feel ready to change his sexual behavior.

Concurrent individual therapy (once/6 weeks minimum frequency) is required for all group members by a therapist with whom they have a pre-existing relationship or with Mr. Vigorito.

Other services are recommended for men who do not meet the criteria for the group.

Groups are held on Wednesday evenings. 

The sexual health assessment or treatment protocol was published in Treating Out of Control Sexual Behavior - Rethinking Sex Addiction (2016).